Girls Only Trip -Day Three

After a full night of horseback riding, rib eating and hay riding, I woke the girls up EARLY on Saturday morning for our Idlewild adventure.

I lived most of my childhood life in Greensburg, PA. As an adult, I am completely SHOCKED at how close Idlewild is to Greensburg. Seriously - as a child and teenager, I thought it was halfway across the State. It's always a weird experience for me to visit my home town.

Anyway - the girls were not very hungry after eating ribs at midnight, so we stopped quickly at McDonald's for breakfast. And then we were off to the park!

We arrived just as the gates were opening. We spent most of the day running from ride to ride.

Most of the rides are of the "spinny" variety, and I have learned to just say no. (Maddie and Zoe are on the top, to the left of center. You can see Maddie's hot pink shorts!).

Aunt Vicky was the only one to meet any "boys" on this trip (thank goodness!!). He was quite the cutie!

Maddie refused to go on the Wild Mouse. I whole heartedly supported her in this decision. How old IS that thing, anyway? Goodness! It opened an hour after the rest of the park because it wasn't passing it's safety inspections!

That Maddie is a smart girl!!

For some reason, those girls expected us to feed them again. I have no idea where they put it! (Pay no attention to the chicken).

Eating french fries with cheese at the park reminds me of my mother. There were years when she would eat french fries with cheese at Idlewild or Kennywood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She said that it was her one chance per year, and she was going to go for it!!!

After riding and eating, we spent some time at the water park. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want my camera to get wet. Those girls are like little seals - they go on any slide, dive into the pools without a second thought, swim in water that is 10 feet above their heads. It amazes me.

There was definitely more fun to be had at Idlewild, but I can't fit it in one post! More about Storybook Forest and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to follow!


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