Girls Only Trip Day 3, Continued

While at Idlewild, we HAD to go to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood! Before the trolley came, I taught the girls everything that they would need to know for us to have a successful trip. They needed to practice "Come along, come along, to the castle hug-n-song!" This was very important, but for some reason, the girls didn't want to practice.

I took this picture of mine and Maddie's matching shoes. I was tickled that she is still okay about wearing the same shoes as me. I was not so tickled that I had to buy her an entire size bigger.

Anyway, the girls did not practice their speech, but everything turned out okay.

After Mr. Rogers, we were off to Storybook Forest. Goodness, how I loved this place when I was a kid!! I remember it being completely magical.

It really felt like walking in to a storybook.

I remember seeing a commercial for this sword in the stone when I was a kid. I really thought that I would be the one who could pull it from the stone! I imagined that all sorts of things would happen to me once I released it from it's prison.

I have to admit, even as a child I was a little disappointed by the bolts that visibly hold the sword in place.

We had a few scary moments in Storyland, but we managed to make it out alive.


Matt August 3, 2010 at 6:40 AM  

We were there yesterday, and it appears that King Friday has developed a bit of a lazy eye. Of course, that's better than Corny, whose mouth doesn't move. And Anna Platypus just layed on the bench like she was dead. If I hadn't seen her at the hug-and-song later I would've called the police.

Renee' August 3, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

There were definitely some moments where it felt more like a haunted hay ride than a trolley ride into the land of makebelieve.

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