Summer is for Friends!

Enjoying pool time with Kayla.

Birthday fun with Hallie (Maddie's best friend).

Karate picnic with Neha (Ginger's best friend).

Riding in the car with Scooby-doofus (CoCo's best friend?)

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet Maddie!

I am so proud to be your Mama!

You are the funniest person that I've ever known. You don't even try - funny just comes out every time you open your mouth. You make me laugh every day of my life.

You are also one of the most serious people I know, but somehow you have taught me to not take everything in life so seriously. ("Mom! Who really cares?!").

You are the only one of my children that I will EVER let get away with calling me "Crazy Lady," because I know that from you, it's a compliment.

You are so smart. You know you are smart. You don't care that you are smart. That is so smart.

You are so comfortable in your own skin. You never try to be like the other kids, never seem to have any need to fit in. People like you for who you are because YOU like you for who you are. It takes some people a lifetime to get to that place, and you have been there for a lifetime already.

You try to be compassionate toward and understanding of all people.

You really love your pets, and take better care of your hamster than most people do of their children.

You are the BEST big sister. You might not see it, but your younger brother and sisters ADORE you.

You are everything that I could have ever dreamed for, and more. I enjoy watching you grow up, and feel privileged to be a part of your life.



There are only 2 people who read this blog (one of them is me). There are, however, LOADS of people (like 20) who stumble upon this blog every month. Did you know that you can track where these people are from and how they got there thru blogger?

Do you know that I've actually had 2 hits from people doing a google search for "blond egyptian kids." Not one. Two!

Who searches for blond egyptian kids, and why does that lead them to my blog? Very weird.

The other thing that is weird is that the MOST VIEWED PAGE is "Girls Only Trip, Day Two." Why?

The second MOST VIEWED PAGE is "Sadness at the Rader Household" - the post about the death of our dog Mango. Random people are morbid, if you ask me.

And that's all I'm saying.