Although our pond is new this year, it quickly became home to a pair of frogs. Two of the loudest darn frogs you have ever heard.

When we started noticing tadpoles in the pond, I wondered if I needed to be concerned. I decided not to worry about it - that the fish and other wildlife would take care of the problem.

When we noticed that the tadpoles completely covered the bottom of the pond, I started getting a little nervous.

Last week, these tiny little things started hopping up everywhere. EVERYWHERE! You have to watch where you step or else you might squish one.

They are cute (when they are not squished on the bottom of a shoe). Some of them are no bigger than a pencil eraser.

I just hope they aren't as loud as their parents!


That is one big frog!

"I don't know where it came from!"

The kids got their father a giant box of chocolate for Fathers Day. Soon thereafter, said father started complaining about chocolate "mysteriously disappearing" from the box. I figured he had amnesia or something, because he could totally eat that entire box of chocolate in one sitting. Honestly, I couldn't care less what he does with his chocolate, but he actually had the nerve to accuse ME of eating it! Crazy. When it comes to food, I like to think "what's mine is mine, what's yours is yours." Which is why I have 3 bags of peppermint hershey's kisses hidden in my closet (left over from Christmas). I would never eat HIS chocolate because I want to be able to say that I never eat HIS chocolate (comes in handy when he finds my stash and eats it all in one sitting and I want to point out how much more evolved I am).

Anyway, this is not a story about a man and his chocolate. This is actually a story about sweet little Ginger. Anytime anything goes missing in this house, the first place to look is under Ginger's pillow. At any given point, you will find a number of things hidden under Ginger's pillow -- rings, hair bows, nail clippers, lip gloss, shiny stones, and so on). Each of these items has been stolen. Usually from people in the house, although sometimes there are things under there that I don't recognize and I suspect that she takes them from other kids at school. Shameful - I know. Where did I go wrong?! These kids have everything they could ever want. Ginger has hair bows in every color, lip gloss in every flavor, more jewelry than she could ever wear. I feed her lots of good stuff (although the peppermint kisses are MINE!). Why would she need to steal? And chocolate? Ginger doesn't even like candy!

Anyway, I looked under Ginger's pillow and there were about 20 chocolate wrappers under there. Pretty incriminating.

I asked Ginger about the missing chocolate. She said:

"I don't know."

I showed her the wrappers and told her I found them under her pillow. I asked her how they got there. She said:

"I don't know."

I asked her if she took dad's chocolate. She said:

"I don't know."

I asked her how she feels when her brother or sister takes her things.


How do you think dad feels when you take his things:

"I don't know."

After about 25 minutes of this one sided conversation, I decided that Ginger had learned her lesson and I let her off the hook. Listening to me ramble for any length of time is enough punishment for one day.

And this is why broken bones don't surprise me....