Girls Only Trip - Day Two

We started day 2 of our Girls Only trip bright and early. In all the years I lived in Pennsylvania, I had seen signs for Living Treasures Animal Park and wished I could go. It sounded so glamorous and exotic. My mother thought it was too far to go for a day trip. In those days, driving more than 15 minutes was considered far. This would have taken about 45 minutes. Anyway, I digress. Since I am now the mom, I decided that it was time to finally visit the park.

The park was a little hard to find - it is behind a hotel, and you have to park in the hotel's parking lot. Weird.

When we got inside, we discovered that this is a great little zoo! It's everything I ever imagined. Lots of farm animals and babies, lots of exotic animals, and lots of birds. What more could we ask for?

We had a quick but fierce downpour, resulting in all the animals coming out of hiding. We got to see a pack of wolves that otherwise would've hidden themselves during the day. Very cool. Zoe kept yelling "Jacob!! Where are you!!!" but he wasn't there.

We finished the day in the zoo's gift shop (of course), where we found some pretty horse paintings for Maddie's soon to be new room.

So, yes. The zoo lived up to my every expectation.


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