First Day of School

I know that all my readers were highly engrossed in the Girls Only trip chronicles; however, I wanted to make a tiny little detour to post pictures of the 1st Day of School.

School started this year on July 26th. I know it sounds early, but they get a whole 2 weeks vacation in September / October (which makes it easy to plan a Disney vacation in the off-season). Ginger and Owen were up and dressed this morning before I even got out of the shower. Amazing! I wish they could do that ALL year.

The big news this year is that Ginger is starting kindergarten! I cannot believe that she is old enough to be an elementary school child! She is in a new classroom this year, but with the same teachers. This is a wonderful thing - if you remember, the first time I met Ginger's teacher she took my hand and with tears in her eyes said "You must be SO proud!" Anyone who loves my kids even 1/10th as much as me is royalty in my book.

Owen started 2nd grade! Again, unbelievable. How did these kids get so big? Seriously.

Maddie started 5th. She has always been big. In fact, all summer I swore that she was starting 6th grade. I would say "Maddie!! Aren't you in 6th grade yet?"

Maddie, using her deadpan voice, said "Uhhhh....No."

I'd say "Yay! I'm not as old as I thought!! That's great!"

Maddie, again with the deadpan, said "Please. Just don't dance!"

It's so much fun to embarrass a I mean 5th... grader!

And then there was CoCo. She was disappointed to learn that she doesn't go back to school until Wednesday, but ready to have some much needed alone time with Mom. CoCo hasn't been alone with me since forever (being the youngest has it's disadvantages).

And so ends another big day at the Rader house.

Good night!


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