I just can't seem to keep up with anything these days. Ginger woke me up today by crying because she doesn't have any clean pants to wear. Seriously - it's that bad.

So, it's no wonder that I'm only posting about Thanksgiving now. Not that anything exciting happened. On the contrary, it was as boring a holiday as ever. Gobble gobble, and all that.

Anyway, the highlight of the day was this turkey sweet potato that Maddie made. This picture doesn't do the potato justice. That potato weighed over 1 1/2 pounds!! That was one big potato! I never had any intention of cooking it (we are a big family but - dang! - that was one big potato!). I just bought it because I wanted the kids to see it. I figured they'd never believe me (seems that certain children think that their mother is guilty of exaggerating at times).

I couldn't exactly buy a potato and not USE it. That would just be wasteful. So, I gave Maddie the job of turning it into a turkey. As you can plainly see, she did a fantastic job.

The part that you can't see is what Maddie wrote on the back of the tail feathers. She went around the house asking each mammal what they were thankful for. (I was thankful that she didn't ask the amphibians or fish - but I forgot to mention it). She wrote what each person was thankful for on the back of each feather. This has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Here is what she wrote:

Owen: "I'm thankful for the food Mother Nature gave us."

Mom: "I'm thankful for my family, especially my children. And that Quinnby came back." (I was a little freaked out that the cat ran away, and was truly thankful to have him home again).

Ginger: "I'm thankful for the trees that give us air."

Maddie: "I'm thankful I have a family that cares for me."

CoCo: "I'm thankful that we have turkey. And my workplan." (CoCo is very proud of her workplan - most kids in her class don't get one until kindergarten, and she's only 1/3 of the way thru pre-school).

Then, Maddie started getting a little punchy.

Quinn (aka the Mayor of Quinnbyville): "I'm thankful to be home."

Frizbee / Beano: "I'm thankful that I only sneeze 6 hours a day." (Kitty colds are no fun).

Kahlua / Buddha: "I'm thankful that I wasn't chucked out when I started peeing all over the house."

Amber: "I'm thankful that my owners got a cat that puts up with my herding and biting."

And that's that.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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