Halloween 2010

I love Halloween. I think that it's my favorite holiday.

I got a lot smarter this year. Previous years, I have scrambled to make Halloween costumes. I let the kids choose anything they want, and then I spend weeks and weeks in a panic, hoping I'll be done in time. This year, I had purchased costumes for the kids. AND, I got them on clearance LAST year. I was sure to pick things that I believed the kids would like, but I absolutely, positively did not consult them on this matter.

It turned out great.

The little girls were Sharpei and Gabrielle from High School Musical. Ginger would have preferred to be Sharpei (her life long wish is to be blond), but the other dress fit her better.

They were so cute. It took me hours to curl Ginger's hair. (Ok - so maybe I'm exaggerating. Wouldn't be the first time. But, it sure FELT like hours).

CoCo only let me work on hers for a few minutes.

Maddie wouldn't let me touch her hair at all. Maddie has the most beautiful hair in the world, and she never lets me anywhere near it. I had visions of straight, very Egyptian looking hair (until Maddie informed me that Cleopatra was Greek).

Owen has become very camera shy. It took a lot of bribing and threatening to get these few pictures. He is the cutest Jedi knight that I have ever seen.

The kids (and mom!!) were so excited to wear Halloween costumes 3 days in a row. We we to a Halloween party at the haunted dojo where they take karate, spent an evening on a horse farm with Owen's friends (with horses in costume - if you can imagine that), and Halloween night trick-or-treating with Maddie's friends. It was a fantastic weekend.

And, I am proud to report that I have already bought 3 out of 4 kids costumes for next year. 90% off at Walmart. Can't beat it.


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