Richmond Zoo

This weekend, we went to the Richmond Zoo. It was a nice little zoo, and we had a great time.

The penguins were a favorite of the kids. We learned that most penguins live in warm waters (which made me feel a lot better about the 100 degree weather that they were jumping around in). We also learned that this breed of penguin only lives about 10 - 15 years in the wild, while the oldest penguin at the zoo was 30 and just last year had a baby!

Another favorite was the turtles in the moat surrounding the chimps and orangutans. It's funny - we can see turtles any time, but we almost NEVER get to see monkeys. Of course, the kids are more fascinated by the turtles.

My favorite part was feeding the giraffes. Where else on earth do you get to feed giraffes? Their tongues are scratchy and gross, kind of like a cow only gooey-er.

It was a great day, but it was HOT. I think I have spoiled these children, because they don't like to be out in the heat so much. Poor CoCo! Over and over again she said "Momma, I'm sweaty!"


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