Dear Grocery Store Cashiers and Baggers,

No, I'm not really, really hungry. But thanks for your concern.

And, by the way - No, I'm not going to eat all of that. At least not by myself.

Again, thanks for asking. Please understand that I may not be able to muster a chuckle or much more than a half smile because I have heard these questions at least 11 million times. Sorry about that.

While I am apologizing, I would also like to apologize for purchasing so many groceries. I can see by the way you roll your eyes that you do not approve. However, I would like to remind you that I am standing right there, so when you complain to your co-workers about the volume of my purchases - I can most certainly hear you. My feelings are not hurt, but please forgive me if I don't qualify for Customer of the Year after that.

It does make me wonder if I am the only person who buys large amounts of groceries at one time? I have a big family, but ours is one of many. In fact, I am continually humbled by the moms I meet with 6, 7 and even 8 children. Surely they must shop at grocery stores?

Thank you. Have a nice day.


Anonymous June 23, 2010 at 3:40 PM  

Ha ha. We buy large amounts of groceries too and its just us. :)

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