More Karate

It seems like we are going to a Karate belt ceremony now every month.

This month, CoCo finally decided that she wanted to take karate like the other kids. Previously, she had protested. Greatly. She only wanted to take the class if she could have her teacher all to herself. Obviously, that's not going to happen. CoCo is a "little samari." Their belts are different from the regular belts, but they are promoted just like the big kids. CoCo earned her first promotion in just a few weeks.

Maddie has earned her "green tip." They put a piece of green electrical tape on the gold belt. I am told that this is done as a cost saving method - rather than buying a brand new belt (with a new color - at this level it would be blue), the kids just get a "tip."

This is when karate gets serious. I had to buy her sparring equipment! It's funny, really, to see her sparring. The other kids are a good foot shorter than her. They are punching her in her kneecaps.

The other serious part is that they now learn to break a piece of wood with their foot. It all sounds a little dangerous to me.


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