Owen is the Jedi Master of Legos.

When I was a kid, I had a little book and I carefully followed instructions to build a house, gas station or church. It was important to carefully sort the pieces, because you wanted to make sure that you could easily find what you need.

Owen creates things. He gets a vision in his mind, and he creates. Cars, space ships, catapults, farm animals. You name it. He has even developed elaborate games to play with lego pieces.

This is not Owen's best creation ever. Not even close. But rather than coloring a picture out of his Transformer's coloring book, Owen chooses to give me Lego creations. This one is a sea otter. I'm not sure that I can see it, but I love it anyway. Unfortunately, he will not let me keep these creations forever. He always destroys them to build another more fabulous creation.

I'm glad he let me take a picture.


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