Cookie Day!!!!

I am soooooo far behind on this blog, I almost can't stand it.

I'm winding back to Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve at our house is all about cookies! We spend the day being lazy in every way EXCEPT making cookies. Each child chooses a cookie recipe, and then takes a turn with mom to make the cookies. This way, each child gets a little one on one time with Mom during an otherwise hectic and busy week AND Mom doesn't have a nervous breakdown trying to coordinate the cookie-making activities of 4 kids at once.

Maddie was first (for obvious reasons). That child has my sense of humor, and made sugar ghosts and chocolate bats for Santa. Our very own nightmare before christmas!! :) These days, she needs very little help from me. Mostly, I'm just there for clean up. It's so much fun having a 9 year old!!!

Owen was second. He was so quick that I didn't even get to snap a picture!! Funny boy. I guess baking isn't his thing. He was mainly concerned with the licking of bowls and spoons.

Ginger chose russian tea balls - one of the few cookies that I can remember my mother making. She took her job very seriously, and made sure that each ball was the exact same size and had the exact same amount of sugar on it.

And, after waiting ever so patiently, CoCo was last. She picked rudolph noses (not exactly cookies, but definitely a good choice for an almost 4 year old). Her favorite part was sorting the candy and unwrapping the rollos.

What a fun day!


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