The Birthday Princess Gets Her Ears Pierced

CoCo's birthday is tomorrow (I'll save all of my sappy sentiments until later). For weeks, I've been promising her that she can get her ears pierced for her birthday. She specifically asked me if she could get her ears pierced - like Ginger - and I specifically warned her that it is moderately painful. Kinda like getting a shot - it hurts, but it's over quickly. CoCo has been very excited about her birthday this year, and thinking about getting her ears pierced has added tremendously to that excitement. To make things even MORE exciting, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Matt, and Cousin Kayla are visiting this weekend and accompanied us to the mall for the grand ear piercing adventure.

I thought I'd be smart and get to the mall the minute it opened. Unfortunately, I'm never quite as smart as I think I am, and even though we arrived about 3 seconds after the mall opened, there were already 2 people in front of us.

No worries - the girls all enjoyed poking around Claire's and trying on jewelry, sunglasses, hats, and whatever else they could find.

Finally, it was CoCo's turn. She was still SOOOOO excited.

She enjoyed charming the ear piercing technician (associate? clerk? What do you call those people, anyway??).

The first earring went in with no problem. If you look real close, you can see the pretty little pink sparkly daisy that CoCo picked.

She was an absolute CHAMP for that first piercing. Not even a whimper from my brave baby!!

But, once was enough for CoCo. As soon as the technician started getting ready to work on the second ear, CoCo became a little skeptical!

Before the second earring even went in, sweet little CoCo lost her nerve.

But, it was nothing that a lollipop and a tiara couldn't fix!!!


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