This was the first Thanksgiving we've been at home in a long time. Most years, we head to the mountains for a week or so looking for snow. But, this year, with Mom starting a new job, there was no way that we could get away for that long.

So, we stayed home. And, it was just us. It was wonderful to cook dinner in my own kitchen and wear my baggy pants and t-shirt to dinner.

The children, however, decided to dress for the occassion.

CoCo and Ginger found their Easter Dresses for next year, and decided to wear them. (I bought them on clearance last year). Ginger looks like she's been invited to the royal table.

And, Owen is ready for the revival of Miami Vice.

It was a very nice, very relaxing day.

I cooked for 6 hours, and it took the kids 3 minutes to eat.

I wonder what I was thinking when I bought a 17 pound turkey when only 2 of us eat meat.

CoCo is a confirmed carnivore.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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