Halloween at the Radersl

I have to admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love everything creepy and spooky. I love decorating and pumpkins and hayrides and costumes. And, I'm happy to say that I've passed much of that joy on to my kids.

This year was a little rough. Going back to work full-time has thrown me for a little bit of a loop, and I didn't get to decorate as much as I would have wanted. We did manage to get a few decorations in.

Also, I completely skipped carving pumpkins this year. Instead, I found Mr. Potato Head kits for pumpkins on clearance at Rose's. (LOVE Roses!!). It made everything so much easier.

But, I am always a glutton for punishment. I can't help it. Each year, I tell those children of mine that they can be anything they want to be for Halloween. ANYTHING. Big mistake.

I was smart with Ginger. I found her costume last year on clearance at Walmart for $4.00. She has been thinking about it all year, and was pleased as punch to wear her pink unicorn-pegasus-horse costume for Halloween. As long as she gets to wear makeup and jewelry, and have her hair fixed, she is happy.

The other kids got their usual mid summer warning -- Everyone MUST pick his or her costume by August 1 so that mom has time to get it finished before Halloween.

Once again, Mom waited until a few days before Halloween to even get started. Crazy.

I am happy to have creative kids. Really, I am. But, what happened to the good old days when kids were witches and ghosts? A princess or spiderman?

I guess those days are gone.

Miss CoCo decided that she wanted to be a pink poodle. She was a very cute pink poodle, but I was still working on that costume as she was putting it on.

The pink poodle was actually quite easy compared to Owen's Alien Abduction. Goodness! What was I thinking with that thing?

I did learn that papier mache' takes a LONG time to dry and really should only be considered as an outdoor activity.

Maddie, the wonder child, decided to be an I-pod. Fortunately, she worked on this costume almost completely by herself.

They turned out very cute. Unfortunately, the costumes never last very long. Maddie ripped out her 'screen' after about 5 minutes, Owen lost his alien after 10 and CoCo's ears didn't even make it out of the driveway.

It was a fun and exhausting weekend.

BTW - today, I went out and bought 4 costumes at Target on clearance. No one gets to pick anything next year, and I won't have to make a single thing!!!


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