More face painting

This year, it was just us girls on the Durant Road Halloween trail. We look forward to this all year. The girls wanted to wear their costumes, but they weren't finished yet (ugh!). Anyway, I agreed to face paint.

My results weren't so good this time. Ginger flat out refused. CoCo wouldn't sit still, so she ended up a blurry mess.

And Maddie wanted to be a "white cat." I told her that it would work better if she was a grey or orange cat. Even a pink cat. But, I was worried that the white would look like a ghost cat or a cat zombie.

I was right.

Oh well, Maddie was very happy and that's all that really matters.

Anyway, the Durant trail didn't disappoint. We made crafts, got to pet snakes, went on a hay ride (Ginger doesn't like hay - no surprise - so she had to sit in my lap), and saw 5 nature oriented skits. The teenagers that put the skits on were as cute as ever. The girls loved walking thru the woods with their flashlights. Ginger's favorite part was the magic show at the end. It was cheesy, but she truly believed that the magician was going to cut the little boy in half. She was totally tickled that the magician somehow ended up with the boy's underwear on the end of his 'knife' rather than cutting the little boy in half.


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