Happy Birthday Owen!!!

Owen always seems to be moving at the speed of light. I cannot believe that he is already 7!

We celebrated his birthday in the usual style - just a small gathering with Pap, Nana and Mrs. Amanda. With these wild children of mine, less is ALWAYS better.

Owen picked out his cake this year. I think his opinion was swayed by the large amount of candy involved.

The cake, by the way, looked much better than it tasted. There was not a single person who ate their entire piece - especially unusual for a 'junk food free' family like mine, where the kids devour any sweets that come into the house for fear that they may never see any more ever again.

It was a fun day. Owen especially enjoyed going to the Lego store with his gift card.

And, what birthday could be complete without a visit from Smokey, the wonder dog.

Happy Birthday, little man!


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