Random Updates

My camera is broke, and it's no fun telling stories without pictures.

So, here are a few quick updates:

1. We've added 2 more members to the family. I guess that 8 wasn't enough.

Frisbee (formerly Chaz) is a fearless 5 month old kitten. We brought him home from the SPCA about two weeks ago. He is a happy little guy, although he hasn't been feeling well since he's been home (colds and parasites). The kids love this cat, and he doesn't act like he is at all afraid of them. This picture (taken with one of the kids' cameras) doesn't really capture what a cutie he is.

And this is Quinn (formerly Finn). He is about 3 years old, and is the coolest cat I've ever met. He usually hides from the kids (who can blame him), but will sit on their laps if they are sitting still.

2. Maddie and Owen went back to school. Maddie is in 4th grade with the same teacher she had last year (and the year before). Owen is in 1st grade. They seem to like it so far.

3. Ginger is getting ready to start preschool. There is an opening, and we are submitting her paperwork tomorrow. She'll be going to the same school as the big kids (Casa Esperanza Montessori). I spent some time talking to her about it the other day - explaining all about teachers, uniforms, lunch, recess, nap time, etc. The only thing she was interested in talking about was how she was going to wear her hair on her first day. That's my girl!!

4. CoCo will be going to day care, or preschool, depending on whether they have an opening for her or not. My preference is for her to go to preschool, but those slots don't open up too frequently.

5. Momma is going back to work. I just can't stay home anymore (long story - not really relevant to the family blog). I've been on a lot of interviews (some were really, VERY odd), but accepted a position doing some contract work. It isn't my dream job, but it'll be a decent pay check.

I think that is everything. I should be back to my picture taking self any day now!


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