Girls Only Trip - The Ride Home

It was HARD getting up on that last day of the Girls Only Trip. Good golly, I was tired! Maddie had quite the hard time as well. But, you know the story - we promised the B & B owner that we would join her and her other guests for breakfast at 8:30am.

After a beautiful breakfast, it was time to head home. The girls weren't quite finished with all of their shopping, so they walked over to a re-sale shop in town while we packed up the van. As it turned out, the resale shop wasn't much of a shop AND it never opened. So, we were on our way.

I thought for sure that those girls would sleep for a few minutes in the car, but no. No sleep.

Maddie was slap-happy tired and began barking at Zoe. Zoe was butt-cranky tired, and started snapping at Maddie. Those girls are so cute, that the whole thing was funny.

Or, maybe I was still sleeping and only dreamed it.

Anyway, we were about halfway home when Vicky saw a sign for a huge flea market. That woman has an eye for those things. She can spot a flea market, yard sale, garage sale or Goodwill shop from a mile away.

When asked if they wanted to stop, the girls answered a resounding "YES!!!"

The flea market was GREAT! Maddie enjoyed looking at tables and tables full of toys. Zoe kept looking for clothes and pocket books. I found a lady who had "over 2,000" video games for sale. She said that she had personally tested every single one! Ah, the good life! We all managed to find a few treasures before heading out again.

Oh, and deep fried nutter butters are not nearly as good as they sound.

Once again, we were on our way.

We arrived at the Croyles house and barely had time to unload our stuff and reload it into the other van before it was time to leave again. At that point, we still had 5 - 6 hours of driving in front of us.

Maddie and I stopped for some caffeine and tabasco flavored slim jims before hitting the road for the last leg of our trip. Maddie fell asleep immediately. She woke up long enough to go eat her dinner at the Cracker Barrel and spend her remaining money on Webkinz. (I do love the Sunday special fried chicken at the Cracker Barrel!!). But, she spent almost the entire trip snoozing away.

I had my tunes to keep me company. We finally made it home after 1am.

The next day, I slept in later than I have for over 10 years.

Life is good.


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