The Yard Sale, Day One

We wanted to get up very, very early to start the yard sales. Unfortunately, we promised the owner of the B & B that we would be ready for breakfast at 8:30. Any hope of getting an early start was quickly gone, as we realized that it was meant to be a leisurely breakfast, full of conversation.

The breakfast was very nice (maybe a little fancy for our Dunkin Donuts tastes), and the conversation was pleasant. We shared the table with a woman who was traveling to town to pick up some furniture.

We were both very proud of the girls for tasting and eating a little bit of everything (especially since things tasted a little strange). They were very polite, used their best table manners, and only spoke when spoken to. To be honest, I barely recognized them.

Finally, we were off to the yard sales.

We shopped for hours on end. There were yard sales every couple of feet. We found so many treasures an bargains that it was almost ridiculous. I purchased an old telephone table with attached seat in perfect condition for $1.00. I can't believe that no one bought it before me. I bought a piece of exercise equipment (with a retail value of about $500) for $15. AND, I found a free electric skillet!! I had been wanting one for YEARS. The only thing wrong with this one is that the paint is chipped. It works perfectly.

We barely stopped for lunch - grabbing hotdogs from a stand on the side of the road. Maddie and Zoe are expert shoppers - they looked out for the best deals, and walked away from things that weren't dirt cheap. We were briefly caught in a few rain storms, but no one seemed to notice. We could have kept going indefinitely, but the yard sales started closing down around 5pm.

We stopped for a quick dinner at a roadside buffet (much better than it sounds), and took the girls to the Family Fun Center of Clearfield County. They played in a giant jungle gym and played video games for a couple of hours. We all played indoor miniature golf together. We even all played laser tag. I had no idea how much fun that is, and I think I'm officially addicted. It brings out my competitive nature without competing too much with my couch potato nature.

Vicky and I spent our time chatting and playing air hockey (she beat me every time!!). We tried the dancing games, but neither of us were too good at that.

We finally left the Family Fun Center close to midnight. The girls wanted to watch a movie before bed, but they really needed some sleep.

Vicky and I watched Grease and the first half of Grease 2 until I literally passed out (the 2 bottles of wine that we drank helped that out). We were already looking forward to the next day and the treasures that awaited at the 2nd day of the yardsale.

The only regret I have is that my camera broke. I love to get pictures, and it was frustrating to be without it.


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