On Tuesday, we made our journey to the homeland. Yes, folks - Dollywood.

While we didn't see Dolly herself, we did see a lot of really big, blond hair. I felt so at home.

The kids were off and running from the second we walked thru the gates. They just wanted to go, go, go.

Maddie is old enough (and tall enough) to ride anything she wants to in the park. She tended to favor the water rides (making mom go on the log flume ride about 23 times), and was a little fearful of the roller coasters. In fact, she skipped most of the really good roller coasters. Her stomach of steel surprises me, as she can go on all the spinny rides over and over.

Owen is ALMOST tall enough to ride everything. In fact, if I hadn't shaved him bald, I probably could have teased his hair high enough. The only thing he couldn't do is drive his own bumper car. No big deal, really. He didn't mind riding.

Ginger started the day off fearful, but gradually warmed up to the rides. By the end of the day, she was keeping up with all of her siblings.

CoCo wanted to ride everything that she could see. She was down right ANGRY that she couldn't go on a lot of the bigger kids rides. She especially loved the river rapids ride, and the merry go round. She also loved running thru the sprinklers in the small kids area.

Mom was ready to go home by about 5, but the kids kept her there until it closed.

It couldn't have been a better day. Everyone was very well behaved, the weather was beautiful, and not one child cried a real tear. Those are all sure signs of success.

We ended the day at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. It was the biggest meal I've ever eaten in a restaurant - started with salad, then clam chowder, then hush puppies, then rolls, THEN your meal, and then dessert. It was as delicious as it was big.

We all crashed into bed that evening, excited about what the next day might hold.


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