Summer Break

I love summer break.  Each day brings a new adventure, a new opportunity to learn, and many new ways to look at each other.

These days, Ginger and CoCo put on their bathing suits as soon as they get up in the morning.  It really doesn't matter if we are going swimming or not.  They just like to be ready for anything.   If they aren't wearing their bathing suits, they are wearing their dress up clothes.   Tiara's, princess gowns, and high heel shoes are the mode du jour chez Rader.   

Maddie has been spending her summer learning to cook, practicing guitar, teaching an old dog new tricks and READING.  That girl has an insatiable thirst for books!!!  

And Owen.  Sweet Owen.  It can't be easy spending so much time with all of us girls!!  He has really enjoyed "working" in the yard with scrap wood, a few nails and an old hammer.  He likes making houses for CoCo's favorite bugs (Rolly Pollies) and other toys.   Some days, I wish it could be summer break all year!!

And then, there are the other days.  :)


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