The mysterious case of the missing hair.

I woke up the other day to find that CoCo was missing some hair.  Not just a few strands, but entire chunks of hair.  In one place, you could see straight down to the scalp.

I asked CoCo who cut her hair.  She predictably replied "Ginger."

I went to find Ginger, and asked her who cut CoCo's hair.  She predictably replied "CoCo."   I asked Ginger the same question a few hours later, and she stated that she "is not going to answer that question."

Smart girl.  It's always safest to plead the 5th.

I asked Owen who cut CoCo's hair.  He said that he didn't know, but I had a feeling that he knew something.

Maddie claimed complete innocence, and I believe her.

Later in the day, I found 2 rather suspicious chunks of hair.  One was in the basement by the craft supplies.  The other was hidden under some blankets in the girls rooms.

Before bed, when it was clear to everyone that no one would be getting in trouble for this experiment, Ginger finally fessed up.   Apparently, she cut CoCo's hair in the basement, and CoCo cut her own hair in the bedroom.

I'm a very proud of Ginger for telling the truth.  I am also proud of the girls for working together, sharing and cooperating.


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