Chickadee Number 3

Virginia Fei Miao

Four years ago, I fell in love with a picture.   The picture showed a chubby little girl with a sparkle in her eyes.   6 long weeks later, I travel with my sister, Jenn, to bring this beautiful baby that I already loved so much home.

This first picture was taken when Ginger was first placed into my arms.

During those first couple of weeks in China, I carried that little baby next to me every minute of the day.  I was her momma, and I wanted to make sure that she knew that.   

It wasn't long before Rao Fei Miao knew that she was part of my heart.  We renamed her Virginia Fei Miao, and call her Ginger.  Sometimes we call her Ginger Bee, and sometimes it's just Bee.   I chose to drop the "Rao" from her name, as this surname is given to all children adopted from this section of China.

Once home, Ginger quickly became an all American girl.  She shows a great love for all things pink, frilly, sparkly, shiny, disney and barbie!

A few months after she came home, Ginger's "twin" CoCo was born.   They have been inseparable ever since.

Although they are best friends, Ginger often times gets very frustrated and angry with her sister.

Ginger just loves smiling and performing for the camera.  I would not be surprised if she grows up to be a singer, dancer, actress, model, SOMETHING that puts her in front of the camera!


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