Chickadee Number 1

My first chickadee is Madeline Rose, otherwise known as Maddie.   Maddie was a very serious baby - no sweet little smiles or giggles for her mama!  She was busy learning about the world around her and THINKING.  These days, she smiles a lot more, but she is still always thinking.   It is almost frightening how smart she is.   Her constant questions both intrigue and exasperate me. She has the sweetest little heart, and is always wanting to help others.  

You can almost see her thinking in this picture.  She had just turned 1.

A rare smile at 18 months.

A big smile for baby brother at age 2!

Maddie had a brief "girly" period.  Baby dolls and dressers were all the rage for about 6 months!!  (About 3 years old).

She grew up too fast!  Isn't that always the way with a first born??  This is her when she was 6.

Maddie and her guitar at age 8.

Maddie and her sisters.


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