Closing day

I think we ended up using our season passes at least 9 times this summer. Owen wanted to go one more time before they expired, and I wanted to at least see the Halloween decorations.

It's really nice to go to an amusement park when it isn't sweltering hot.

Here is a rare picture of me with the girls. Rare for 2 reasons: 1 - I never post pictures of myself (since I'm always the one taking the pictures) and 2 - I get dreadfully sick on almost all rides. I found a motion sickness pill that actually works! Too bad it took me all summer to find it! I had so much fun this day!

They did lots of fun stuff for Halloween.

There was a corn maze in the little kids waterfall area.

They had pumpkin decorating for the little ones.

They had a GIANT foam pit that the kids could play in. I've never seen anything like it. Everyone but CoCo was too creeped out to try it out.

There were lots of cool decorations.

And, of course, the big kids had fun on the rides.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!!


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