Funny, Toothless Girl

Because I'm a mean mother, I wrap the children's birthday presents at least a week before I allow them to open them. I place them in the dining room, where they are sure to seem them at least 2 times every day, wondering what is inside of them.

One morning, Ginger and Owen were looking at her gifts, trying to determine what was inside.

Owen said "I bet it's Polly Pockets."
Ginger said: "No. I don't play with Polly Pockets."

Owen said: "I bet it's Barbies!"
Ginger said: "No. I don't play with Barbies."

Owen said: "I bet it's Pet Shops."
Ginger said: "No. I don't play with Pet Shops. I don't play with ANYTHING!"

Owen said: "What DO you do? If you don't play with anything!"
Ginger said: "I like to make things. You know. Art. Crafts. Jewelry. Coloring. You know."

And, she's right. She really doesn't play with toys. And, all the gifts actually were arts and craft related.

Later that day, Ginger said to me:

"Mom! I know why I like to make things so much!"

And I said, "Really? Why?"

Ginger said: "Because I'm from China, and everything is made there! People from China love to make things!!!"

Such a funny little girl!


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