Catching Up

It seems like a thousand years since I have posted. There is no way that I can catch up now, so I'm just posting some random pictures from the past 2 months.

Spring is DEFINITELY here! YAY!

The Mayor is looking for bugs and birds!

Dying Easter Eggs


Hunting for eggs.

Easter at Mrs. Amanda's mom's house

These girls spent the afternoon playing with a tiny little inch worm named "Squishy."

I'm not sure where Owen plans to sled, but he seems pretty focused.

Getting ready for the big egg hunt!

These guys showed up as the kids were looking for eggs. I can finally answer the question -- the EGGS CAME FIRST! Heh!

And, the highlight of our spring is the arrival of baby Leena. Here she is with her grandmother (can you believe that young woman is a grandmother!!!).

You may have noticed that Maddie is missing from these pictures. She has reached a grumpy, scowling, pre-teen stage where she refuses to be in pictures. The few that I've managed to sneak just make her look even grumpier. I hope that she's smiling again soon!


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