More Disney - Fort Wilderness

While on our vacation, we stayed at the Disney campground - Fort Wilderness. We didn't actually camp - our cabin was air conditioned and had all the amenities of any rental home. It was the perfect place for us. There was enough space for everyone, and we were far enough from our neighbors that we didn't annoy them with all of the noise we make.

There are so many wonderful things about Fort Wilderness. When you return to your cabin at night, it is perfectly quiet - no bustling lobby to walk thru, no glaring lights. The other 'campers' treat you like neighbors. Plus, there is a LOT to do at the campground (much of it free).

We chased and caught lizards, went to a campfire with Chip and Dale, watched Disney movies under the starts, fished, canoed, swam, went to a backyard barbeque with Mickey, and road a ferry boat all over the world.

The little girls look so tired in these pictures! All that fun definitely wore them out!!!


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