At Mrs. Amanda's mom's house

As always, we had a wonderful Easter. The real highlight of the day is going to Mrs. Amanda's mother's house for dinner. Her mother hosts family and friends for an Easter potluck - and somehow manages to accommodate 50 or so people in her house. The kids spend the afternoon jumping on the trampoline, playing with the dogs, and chasing after Mrs. Amanda. If I'm lucky, I can get one or two of the children to stop to eat dinner.

After dinner, the Mrs. Amanda's mom puts out over 500 Easter eggs. They are EVERYWHERE. In trees, under rocks, where ever she can reach.

She unleashes the smallest children first. This year, there were a few babies in the group. For the first time, CoCo wasn't one of them. (Sniff sniff!!).

Then she lets the preschoolers go.

After a small wait, she unleashes the medium size kids.

Finally, she unleashes the almost grown kids. I was so proud of Maddie - after finding just a few eggs for herself, she started helping the little kids.

Thanks Mrs. Amanda (and family!) for another wonderful Easter!


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