School started for Maddie and Owen in late July. I commented on it in another post, but didn't have pictures. So, I am including them below.

After much consideration, I decided to return to the workforce. I did this for many reasons, but ultimately, I believe that it is in the best interests of the kids. In any case, that left Ginger and CoCo without anywhere to go during the day.

We were very fortunate to have Ginger and CoCo both be accepted into the private preschool program associated with Maddie and Owen's school. Maddie and Owen attend a charter school - which is a 'public school of choice.' Essentially, it is a public school district that only consists of 1 school. There is a private preschool housed within this public school. In other words, parents pay for their kids to go to the preschool, but elementary and middle schools are free.

I was very happy about this, for a couple of reasons. First, this is an excellent school. We have been so pleased with everything about Maddie and Owen's experiences there. Second, there is only one drop off and pick up location. No one has to drive all over the county dropping kids off in different places.

The girls started preschool just a few short weeks ago. They were very excited.

Ginger misses the cut-off date for starting kindergarten by 28 days. I think she would have done exceptionally well in kindergarten this year, but we will have to wait until next year. Ginger was very excited to start school. She was most excited about the new clothes (uniforms) and how she would wear her hair.

One of Ginger's teachers is a native Spanish speaker, and she incorporates the language in to the classroom as much as possible. It's very cute to hear Ginger speaking Spanish.

I recently attended an open house at the school, about a week after Ginger had started. Her teacher pulled me aside to THANK me for having Ginger in her class. She said that Ginger is a star in that class. She started 3 weeks after the other children, and it only took her a day to catch up. The teacher also said that Ginger is a joy to have around. Whenever the teachers are having a rough time, or are otherwise stressed, they take some time to spend with Ginger.

She makes me so proud!

CoCo was also excited about starting school. She's so tiny and young - it made me cry to watch her going off to school in that uniform. Babies shouldn't wear uniforms and go to school!!!

CoCo is in an immersion classroom, just like Owen. That means that their entire day is in Spanish. It is incredible to watch, and even more incredible to see how the language develops so easily at that age.

I haven't had an opportunity to speak with CoCo's teacher yet (she is the same teacher that Owen had last year). However, we have gotten our first note home. It said: "Dear Mrs. Rader, Please be aware that CoCo has not worn underpants to school for the past 3 days. Please assist her in putting on underwear each day. Thank you." I just about fell over. I can assure you that CoCo wears underwear every single day of her life. What she does with her underwear once she gets to school is beyond me.

I always thought that by the 4th kid, I would be a pro. But, CoCo throws me a curve ball every single day.

She, too, makes me very proud.

Maddie and Owen are both very, VERY proud to have their little sisters in school with them. It's so sweet to watch all of them go to school together and come out of school together every single day.

Maddie surprises me - she's like a little mother hen with those two.

I can't believe how fast they are growing up.


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